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Offered as a Keynote, Breakout, or Workshop

how to be the leader Your employees never want to leave

Can you remember working with a leader that made a lasting impact on you? Even if you don't remember all the details, you remember how they made you feel. What does it take for you to have that type of impact on your employees?

Great leaders have developed the ability to empower their teams. This program explores strategies to become the leader that others want to follow so you can reduce turnover and improve employee engagement. Learn why employees quit their job and how to get them to stay. Whether you are a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, you will be able to apply ideas from this session in both your personal and professional life.

​Learning points:

  • 3 keys that make people want to follow you

  • The 4-step process for developing new leaders

  • How to keep your team motivated without breaking the bank

"Real leadership isn't pursuing your goals at the expense of others. It's pursuing your goals in the service of others."

"Your role does not dictate your identity. Achieving your team's goal is more important than your role."

how to create a collaborative team culture

How would a new employee describe your company’s culture? Many organizations suffer from low productivity because their employees aren’t working in a collaborative team environment. Creating a successful culture can be the difference in whether your employees leave or stay. This program explores strategies for effective communication, minimizing conflict, and building trust.

Learning points:

  • Understanding the 4 communication styles

  • Why your intentions are not as important as you may think

  • How to avoid unmet expectations to reduce conflict

  • Communication habits that foster collaboration and respect

  • How to be the team player that everyone wants to work with

How to thrive during change

The speed of change is faster today than it ever has been. Change is constantly happening around you, but are you adapting to it quickly enough to keep up? Most people get stuck in their comfort zone doing things the way they always have been. Changing yourself to keep pace with new technology and industry trends can seem intimidating and overwhelming. In this program, you will learn the mindset and strategies to thrive during change.

Learning points:

  • Embrace a growth mindset to effectively navigate change

  • How to use the feedback challenge to accelerate your growth

  • How to leverage the law of associations

  • 3 steps to help you capitalize on new opportunities

  • How to turn failure into your ally

"Change starts with you. When you upgrade your mental software, everything around you begins to change for the better."